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Videoblogging at BloggerCon

Jay Dedman responds to my suggestion of a videoblogging session via e-mail:
i couldn't think of anything better than doing a videoblogging session. but how's it work? we just do it in some corner?
I think you are supposed to propose sessions on the discussion forum on the BloggerCon site. I'm about to do it... UPDATE: I did it. BloggerCon for Newbies, summarizes the role of the discussion leader, and other procedural issues:
Think of the conference as if it were a weblog. At the beginning of each session, the leader talks between five and fifteen minutes to introduce the idea and some of the people in the room. Then she'll point to someone else. She may ask a couple of questions to get them going, then she'll point to someone else, then someone else, then make a comment, ask a question, etc. Each person talks for two to three minutes. Long enough to make a point. About the time someone would take if they called into a radio talk show.
Jay has displayed great patience as a talk show host, so he is surely qualified to be a discussion leader!


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