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Don Cochrane tells me about Digital Media Factory

My friend, Don Cochrane, from Coffeetopia pointed me to this article about a new operation in Santa Cruz called Digital Media Factory. I helped Don setup a blog on In this camcorder-phone clip he explains his idea for the blog:

He also created an interesting web site called California Earth Lodge.

Update:Cinemar, the Central Coast Cinema Artists Resource, is having their next monthly schmoozfest Friday, October 22nd at 7:30 at the Digital Media Factory. I plan on attending...


  • Hi Sean,
    RE: my blog and DMF
    - i thought i had your email address from some previous contact but this will do.
    - i've been working to add the first picture to my new blog (tnx). they're talking about a download for doing pictures called Hello. i think that's wrong. there doesn't seem to be any straightforward button about adding pictures to my first page.
    - i have saved-for-web a two inch picture of my phoenix logo that is 16k and have another one to add as well.
    -was this the 'homework assignment' you gave me? i can't find that in my notes.
    - by the way, i realize you may not have time to answer this. only if it's easy.

    - i went over to DMF and met its owner, Marty Collins. he may have a sculpture job for my oldest son, Marco. Marco is in Hawaii right now but he'll be back in time for the friday meeting. Collins also says that the tank will be used for underwater photography fairly soon.

    By Blogger Donald Cochrane, at 5:51 PM  

  • Don: I sent you an e-mail (with my return address) just now.
    I think the homework assignment I gave you was a little simpler, it was just to make a text-only post. There was something we had discussed (about your art?) that seemed relevant for a post on your blog, but I can't remember it now either.
    I'll be going to the "Cinemar Schmoozfest" on Friday night, so I should see you there.

    By Blogger Sean Gilligan, at 11:06 PM  

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