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Media Attention to Videoblogging Keeps Growing

The last week has seen an ABC News report on Bloggers as People of the Year including a TV report which includes The World's Youngest Videoblogger, two BusinessWeek articles (Let a Million Videos Bloom Online and On-line Video the Sequel) , and a Wall Street Journal article. Videoblogger Steve Garfield rightly points out the the Wall Street Journal article misrepresents videobloggers:

Great link, but the story paints a picture of videobloggers as those that take video without permission and redistribute it over the net for free.

Even though is does touch on the fact that we're also creating original content of our own, it makes it seem like it's not really happening.

Something big is happening here and it will take a while for the MSM (that's Main Stream Media) to figure it out. The Journal article focuses on amateur tsunami videos which is interesting and important, but is not the best representation of what is going on with videoblogging.


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