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Videoblogging, Podcasting, and "Meta" Data

I'm trying to make this vblog non-technical, but I wanted to note here that exciting things will soon be coming to the videoblogging world. Podcasting is becoming a popular method of distributing audio files (in MP3 format) in blogs, and, at vBlog Central, we plan on adding a similar function for video. In short, podcasting allows users to subscribe to audio "shows" that they like and then listen to them offline, on their iPod or other player, at their convenience. Kind of like Tivo for audio. I subscribe to the videoblogging Yahoo group, which is a great group of people who are pushing the creative and technical boundaries of video in blogs. Lucas Gonze just created a new Audio and video syndication group, that is focusing on syndication and metadata for audio and video. This will be a very tech-heavy list, but if we come up with a solution and get it implemented, it will be very exciting for consumers and producers of audio and video content. Stay Tuned...


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