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Liam Drives the Truck

On a recent camping trip, I put my son, Liam, in the driver's seat of my truck while I loaded a few things. He stood up and started driving right away, so I had to shoot this clip. (Note: the keys were in my pocket at the time)


vBlog Central Publish

This is a demonstration of what it takes to publish a movie to your blog using vBlog Central.


Encoding Using 3ivX

How to export from iMovie with the 3ivX codec using the correct settings for playback in standard Quicktime. The part about choosing 3ivX settings is applicable to exports from other QuickTime apps, such as QuickTime Player Pro.

vBlog Central users, please note: I no longer recommend using this technique to produce a master movie -- please see the vBlog Central HowTo page.


Liam Eats and Beats Genes

Liam eats, his aunt Luna gets silly...



LobbyCon Clip

A quick look at the gathering at LobbyCon #1, a gathering to discuss "rich media, audio/video as a personal journalism and entertainment tool, portable & streaming content ". It turned out to be more of a mixer than an impromptu-convention, but it was fun.



This is a test of post by e-mail. A video of Katie (3 yrs.) pretending she is a baby like her brother, Liam (10 months)


Beautiful cell phone video

Imogen Heap's All the Way Home is an inspirational use of cell phone video. Adrian Miles says "there's no art without constraint" and Imogen masterfully handled the constraints: 1) The fuzzy nature of cell phone video creates an impressionistic look for her nature scenes. 2) Her beautiful vocals combined with the "impressionism" make the whole sequence dream-like. 3) She works around the length limitation of cell phone video by pasting them together. (Sounds obvious, but this is the first time I've seen it done with cell video.) (Credit due to Jay Dedman for calling cell phone video "impressionistic")

Green Snail Tatoo

Katie and Reyna de Tutto


I signed up for TypeKey today

I signed up for TypeKey today so that I could download the lastest Movable Type. My TypeKey id is msgilligan. We got a lot of comment spam on vBlog Central last night, so I now have incentive to learn more about the various methods of preventing comment spam. Movable Type 3.0 has better comment management features and TypeKey is a registration system for weblog commenters. TypeKey also creates a profile page page for each user.


Freeing a Dragonfly

This dragonfly was trapped in our house and buzzing about noisily. I told my daughter, Katie, that I'd catch it and let it out. She suggested using her "bug box", but when it came time to let it out, she changed her mind and said: "You can do it. Get closer daddy, scoot, scoot, scoot!."