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QuickTime Conferencing

As I use iChat more frequently, I am reminded of QuickTime Conferencing (screenshot), an earlier attempt at desktop videoconferencing that was a little too early. I was tangentially involved in the project: I helped develop device drivers for an ill-fated networking technology intended for use with QuickTime Conferencing.

That was 10 years ago! I've been interested in Internet video ever since...


I Like Biking With My Kids

A few people in the videoblogging community have been posting videos about what they like. Two things that I love: my kids and bike riding. I like being able to combine the two.




Yet another mobo-v-blog (mobile video blog) of a demo victim.

Freezer Meat

After watching Clint and Mel and Carol and Steve clean their freezers and being personally cajoled on IM by Steve Garfield, I barely convinced Lisa to participate. My goal was to find the oldest meat in the freezer and to cook it for my lunch (in the near future.) What's in your freezer?



CSS Web Design Books, part II

Back in September 2004, I purchased three CSS books, although I don't regret buying any of them, I'm still looking for the perfect practical CSS book. Slashdot just posted a positive review of Web Designers' Reference: An Integrated Approach to Web Design with XHTML and CSS which is rated 5-stars and has a sales rank of #356 on Amazon. Another Slashdotter, recommends Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook which also looks interesting. Do any of my many, CSS-savvy readers have any comments on these books?