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Baghdad Bound: The Devil Dog Diaries (National Geographic)

Over the weekend I watched National Geographic's Baghdad Bound: The Devil Dog Diaries as a video-on-demand selection on my Akimbo. Producer Gary Scurka created an outstanding documentary that is a must-see, especially for videobloggers. Why is it relevant for videobloggers?
  • It shows the "dirty face of reality". Scurka pointed the camera at what he saw and explained what was happening. He didn't have "an angle".
  • Gary Scurka shot the video himself and frequently uses the videoblogger arm's length shot.
  • Scurka was an "embedded journalist", who eventually bonded with the Marines he accompanied and was dependent upon for his survival. This bond was a challenge to his concept of objectivity. How did he deal with it? He talked about the issue on camera, of course!
National Geographic has on on-line interview with Gary Scurka.


Amanda Congdon of RocketBoom Reviews Akimbo

Amanda likes her Akimbo. I like my Akimbo, too. (RocketBoom is published under a creative commons license, so I can republish for non-commercial usage without their permission. Cool, huh? I called Andrew Baron anyway, just to say "Hi!")