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Carol and Steve Garfield

Carol and Steve Garfield of the Carol and Steve Show ham it up for my cell phone camcorder at the Vloggercon party.


Message for Ryanne

Ryanne Hodson was asking on the videoblogging list about Google placement. Sometimes she uses the name Ryan and sometimes Ryanne. So I sent her a private e-mail suggesting she stick to Ryanne because it is more unique. I asked if she was in transition (from one name to another) and she tought I was implying something totally different. She videoblogged her response and I almost fell out of my chair laughing. So I hooked up my webcam and made this quick response. I followed my rules for video comments, BTW. (Easy to follow since they make posting less work.)

Ryanne, (just for you) I made all the links on the post create a new window.

Production Note: My apologies for the lousy audio, poor frame-rate and lip-synch. I wanted to record a response while I was still "rolling on the floor laughing" and I used an improperly configured HackTV for iSight video capture. (Specifically it was capturing video at 640x480 uncompressed and my PowerBook hard drive couldn't keep up.) Rather than do a retake and loose my spontaneous reaction, I decided to go ahead and use the flawed recording. p.s. One project for the weekend is to clean up that desk in the background...


Cablecam for Your Living Room

Steve Garfield and I were talking about shooting video of everyday home living. I want to have a high-quality camera ready that I don't have to hold or carry, for when the kids start doing something momentshowing-worthy. Then I saw this article in the New York Times. Steve could use something like this for The Carol and Steve Show, his Real Reality TV show.